Considerations For Your Wedding Invitations

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Getting married is super exciting and likely one of the most anticipated moments of your life so far – but planning can be a nightmare! One of the small aspects that a lot of people like to knock-out early in their planning is the design and distribution of their wedding invitations.

However, not everyone understands the common etiquette and unspoken rules that go with their letters. While nobody is going to throw shade at you for messing up this relatively minor aspect of the big day – you don’t want to be lazy or intentionally screw them up.

The following will take a look at some important considerations for your wedding invitations.


1.   Recipients

The first consideration for is who you are going to send them to. Who you decide to bring along to your big day is ultimately all your choice, but there are certain unspoken guidelines that people may not know about, and could cause offence in some circles.

For many people, they believe that if they attended someone else’s big day then they are obligated to invite that couple to their own. This is simply not true as the size of each event and connection to the family may differ greatly between the two ceremonies.

There is no true obligation to send wedding invitations to people you work with or see on the weekend. If you are aiming to have a small, family-focused event then you are more than entitled to do just that.


2.   Design

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You will also obviously want to consider carefully the visual design of your wedding invitations as this will be key to communicating the overall aesthetic motifs used on your big day. Basically, if you’re doing a modern-beachy theme then you’re going to communicate this in the design of your wedding invitations so that everyone ‘gets it’.

If you’re doing a more traditional ceremony in a white church, then the cards you send out are going to be more refined in terms of colouring and typeface used. This is the key part that is meant to get prospective guests excited about attending.


3.   Thinking outside the box

If you’re the kind of person who can’t settle for a union ceremony that isn’t 100% unique and memorable then your wedding invitations are a great place to express your creativity and show everyone how ‘outside the box’ your big day is going to be. This you see examples of wacky and non-traditional invite cards that incorporate fun elements and make the whole thing an adventure.

For example, someone doing a destination ceremony in an overseas location might design the invites in the style of a mock-passport. This is just one example of how creative you can be with your wedding invitations when you really want to make yourself stand out from the crowd.


4.   Font and typefaces

When you’re doing the design of your wedding invitations the font/typeface you use is very important. If you are doing an elegant church ceremony, then a chalkboard kind of font isn’t going to look very good and would make people think your ceremony is going to be kind of crumby. In these situations it’s a good idea to engage a professional calligrapher or another expert who can design the visual look of your wedding invitations so everything works seamlessly together.

Hopefully the above helps you with planning this aspect of your special day.


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