The Top 9 Best Men’s Glasses Brands In 2020

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Like clothing and jewellery, different men’s glasses go in and out of fashion quite frequently. It can be hard to find the right frames for your face structure. If you’re looking for different ways on how to channel your inner Clark Kent, then check out the following types of men’s glasses that are dominating eyewear sales this year.


Paul Smith

For bespectacled gents, Paul Smith’s eyewear suits all the lads hoping to channel those aviator vibes. The frames are lightly engraved with a  herringbone pattern, perfectly supported by a light-gold tinge. Anyone hoping to blend ease with class should check out Paul Smith’s range.



Arguably some of the most famous spectacles on the planet, Ray-Ban’s range of men’s glasses consistently feature in best of the year lists. In 2020, Ray-Ban have been shaking things up a little bit, choosing to combine the hexagonal frames often used for their sunnies only with conventional range. Thin frames that are understated? What more could you want.



Having established their name in the fashion world, Gucci have since moved to the eyewear market (in the late 1960s) and always produce some overt eyewear styles. Their most recent frames tend to be bulky and round, so if want to see the world through the eyes of Elton John, check out Gucci’s range.


Calvin Klein

If you want something that oozes charm, success and class, then make sure you consider the diverse and varied range offered by Calvin Klein. Much like luxurious fashion items, Klein’s eyewear is often simple and sophisticated. Often using circular, tortoiseshell frames, underpinned by a nice silver or gold finish, wearing men’s glasses by Calvin Klein will ensure that you are noticed at every party.


Polo Ralph Lauren

Do you want something a little more traditional and classic? If the answer is a big yes, then you should consider the new frames from Ralph Lauren. The eyewear blends the brand’s classic round frames with a warm tortoiseshell hue to the sides. They are the perfect set for someone looking to soften or detract from a square face.



Admittedly, this one is very niche and specific, however, that doesn’t make them any less stylish. Inspired by the late 1970s-look, Safilo’s new range of men’s glasses features some specs that look like a prop from a 1970s-set detective film – like “The Nice Guys” with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Some people might find them silly and over the top, while others won’t be able to get enough of them.


Tommy Hilfiger

Who doesn’t love Tommy Hilfiger shirts and jackets? Much like the brand’s clothing line, which brings a certain level of class and opulence to the wearer, Hilfiger’s eyewear range is certainly for those looking for a serious set of specs. Backed up by narrow frames and simple colour schemes, these men’s glasses are perfect for those preparing for a serious, high-class event.


Hugo Boss

There’s no denying that Hugo Boss consistently release some amazing men’s glasses every year, and 2020 is certainly no exception. Some of their new styles are inspired by the 1960s, so if you’re desperate to channel your inner “Mad Men” personality, you simply can’t pass up on the Boss.


Tom Ford

Finally, Tom Ford should certainly be high up on your list when in the market for some new eyewear. The brand basically does everything well. If you want something refined, elegant yet ultimately simple and natural-looking, then check out Tom Ford’s range. Their specs go well with almost any form of attire, including leather jackets, casual wear or even suits.



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